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The Life Equation

by Akira The Don

Ever since I can remember I've been broke Aint no joke Pockets full of - nope, nada Old man used to drive a Lada I tried hard to Supplement my lack of pocket money doing jobs It's funny, I used to help my mother stitching cushions for ole Lizzy Bradley Gardening and what not I dug more holes than moles Proles like me got paper rounds Later we got people's rounds 15 I worked in the Old Vaults Down Lower Bangor Love that town All my jobs were menial I rocked that own brand cereal Factories through administration I got sacked in each location I learnt from Bruce Lee: Don't think, feel Went to America and got a record deal Came back home all full of hope - I told my girl, "we wont' be broke" I quote: ♥ We won’t be broke forever baby (We won’t be broke, we won’t be broke) We won’t be broke forever baby (We won’t be broke, we won’t be broke) Sometimes you feel like crying But Lord only knows were trying No one's lovin you like I am Oh eh oh eh oh! We won’t be broke forever baby (We won’t be broke, we won’t be broke) ♥ I was trying to make pasta Gas just run out I was trying to have a shower Electric run out So don’t you run out, or get a gun out I swear down babe sun's gonna come out Some dope film's gonna use this song Everybody's gonna love it and they'll all sing along And they all gon' drop like The Martian Hop Badda oom badda badda Badda oom bop bop So we'll get get paid, and we'll get get go On our w w way, round the w w world You're my get go girl - you the greatest None more dope you can't debate this So we'll go shops and we'll get you shoes There's some gold flip flips we can get you too We can share a milkshake, ride the bus As long as we've got us My baby trust ♥ And when we're old We'll live in luxury I a solid gold house Beside the sea somewhere And we'll have nothing to worry about Apart from cancer scares But then again We might just have fixed all that crap! ♥ We won’t, we won’t, we won’t be broke! Oh oh oh ohhhhhhhh!
Some days you don't even wanna wake-up Eyes sting caked in last night's make up You shouted at your girl now you hope you didn't break up The light's all wrong but you can see you tore the place up Up, rise, survey the damage that you done You didn't think that you were drunk But you were flippin hammered son Acting like a phallus and generally embarrassing You yourself and thee, but then who wouldn't wanna be... You! Look at all that sleep Blessed in the West you're on top of the heap You get to mess about like half of the week So why you empathise with a song like Creep, huh? Figga you're runnin it Goose Top Gunnin it You got a lully face there aint no need to stick a gun in it Nah! Eeny meeny mini moment you'll over it and winning So just remember us when you're singing I am not dead yeah! I am not dead, yeah! Three pints and a prostitute I may not ever be as clever or as blessed as you But I am not dead, yeah! ♥ I got all freaked out when I figured out the people that were running things Were cannibals who treated us like animals Refereed to us as useless eaters Had made plans to beat us Now they're all wrapped up like fajitas I was like damn man this rubbish Swore unto myself I would not rest until we had abolished The Swine's programming, clean the slate like rags and polish Take them d-d-bags to college, maybe we can kick some knowledge Maybe there's a losing battle being fought among A certain bunch of people who like talk and writing songs Maybe we are wrong Maybe we are French kissing with forked tongue Maybe we are mongs Maybe we are never ever really gonna know Whether what we saw was really real or just a video Whether anybody knows what the city knows though But until the city blows I'm a kick it like so! ♥ I am not dead… yeah.
Now we've been together for a long time So close we're like, one body, one heart, one mind I used to see our future, but it's like I've gone blind Cos i don't think it's wrong, just think you came into my life at the wrong time Cos my life's mad, and things are getting worse And the worse thing is, you're the last person I wanna hurt I wrote this verse, though it's murder to say: Every day I wake, I wake up feeling further away it's like we've grown apart I feel guilty for the mess I've made Cos I woke today with less to say than I did yesterday It's hard for me to find the words I think it's safe to say we go our separate ways Baby maybe we should separate I don't wanna hold you back Let's leave it in our memories Don't hate me for saying this, we can't be enemies 180 would take me straight away from you But right now babe, I've only gone 110 degrees ♥ I was happy anyway you know Though I was never one for mono we were stereo And I was never one for sorrow, ah but there you go I guess nothing last forever except the rain I was happy anyway you know But now it's looking like you wasn't, so away you go And now I gots to hear about you on my radio I guess nothing lasts forever except the rain ♥ Where'd you go girl? Tell me, what happened? Thought it was you and me Well you and me and rapping We really got it cracking Really, we was the bomb I thought we'd run the whole damn universe but now you're gone You left a black hole baby All I got to fill it's music and drink I might just lose it, I think I'll get the fuck out See I can't be like you and just duck out I used to have a soul, but it got suck out Cheers There's you, there's me, back up in the day Never ever thought that we would throw it all away Go Enola Gay, there never was a way You always put that other stuff before us anyway So hey girl, never mind That was you and me We looked pretty good together, but no one could see That between you and me was a whole other world So let's treat that mess as a rehearsal. ♥ Come on, that's not fair When was I not there? When was I not out thinking of us two as one pair? I swear, you don't think I'm hurting inside too? I mean, you aint blind, would you rather be lied to? Urgh... I never thought that you would take this great But I thought that you'd respect it all, and maybe we'd be mates Maybe you're afraid Or maybe we've just both wasted two years And this relationship was a mistake I put everything at stake for this And your last statement is, I put everything before you? You take the flaming piss. We weren't based on shit, if you can switch it like this Guess all it was was sex drugs and making hits Nice cribs and fast whips, they remain dreams to us So i guess it's best we just stick to what's real to us So you can take your gear I'm a make my music And in opposite ways We can both keep moving. ♥ Doop, bedoop, bedoop, bedoop ba doop.
Babydoll 03:43
You've been gone for a little while now I've been here on my own just composing these sounds But I'm not on my own - you're there on the phone Waking me up just as you're coming home We're in different time zones When you're going to work I should be going to bed but I'm not I'm writing this song, bopping along Thinking 'bout you with a grin on my face! You're ace, baby You are my favourite Thing in the universe I'm gonna savour it If I have to pay for I do not mind I have been skint before plenty of times I have been destitute, I have been lost Figure I'm found now so bugger the cost! Anyway, Janet and Luther told me That the best things in life are free ♥ Oh, I love you You make me feel like dancing! And even when the skies are grey and cold You're always gonna be my Babydoll Oh, I love you You make me feel like dancing! And even when the skies are grey and cold You're always gonna be my Babydoll ♥ You're in Australia, working your hot ass off London is beautiful, went out with my jacket off For the first time this year today Went to the park, saw the deer and they say "yo" So do the terrapins and the ducks One of them fell off a log, was hilarious I bought a coffee and sat the grass Remembering us this time last year We fell in love, unmistakable Who woulda thunk that Akira was capable? Coupla dates turn to something amazing The winter turned spring then the summer was blazing My middle name's Jan, maybe yours could be Ying Oh, what a glorious thing! I got two turntables and a microphone And I can't wait till you get home!
I felt you yesterday Then my phone went - Shook and you texted me Same thing too the day before yesterday Closed my eyes, swore that you were next to me I felt you before you phoned Looked at the thing then your number called There's you on the other side of the world But you still got right inside of me girl I used to think this stuff was by the by Like when my old man's old man die-d-died He said he knew when the phone called And Same could be said about my mam And her old man Some sceptics types won't respect it They have a status quo to protect It's some folks jobs to intercept it Problem for them is we all are connected ♥ We are not alone I swear it We are not alone I swear to god We are not alone I swear it We are not alone I swear to god ♥ No idea's original There's nothing new under the sun It isn't what you do but how it's done I know Somebody already used these drums Like somebody already wrote this song They had dragons in China Same time they had dragons in Wales Every little girl has got the galaxy inside her Funny how we always told the very same tales Radio goes Ba ba ba ba baba ba Somebody old goes Da da da da da So when you're crying in your cruddy old room There'll be somebody other crying You'll be laughing both soon Sometimes when I am sad and blue And I just don't know what to do Well I've just to think of you And I know you'll be thinking of me too ♥ So when you're far away It only means your body isn't here So you're not far away at all And when you die I know The bit that makes your eyes burn It just moved And so you didn't die at all ♥ We are not alone.
Big 02:22
Time for sleeping no more, I fall the floor Step out the door, wave at my neighbour How I'd love to unwind, seems I've rarely the time To indulge in the fruits of my labour Sun beats down on my red head I reach for a drink that is fizzy They say the devil will find work for idle hands to do So its lucky I am always so busy ♥ My job is big Big like Galactus Big like the wheels on some tractors Big like the heads on some actors Big like the halls of St Paul's Or the balls on them Gauls that had brawls I recall that I'm small Small like a kitten Small like a one year old's mitten Smaller than all that's been written On stamps In Britain Or France Like the tiniest cog I am doing a very big job ♥ Yes indeed So, once I've dug up the weeds I proceed to sew seeds I concede: my work's important From winter to autumn, days lengthen and shorted But I solider on It has always been thus, I'll be here when you're gone and I'm sorry that there's not a moment to spare But I'm doing a very big job ♥ My job is big! Big like a rhino Big like the thirst on a wino Big like this fat lady I know Big like the great wall of China The great falls Niagara Viagra wont help me I'm small Small like a minnow Small like the teeth 'neath a pillow Small like the nuts of a squirrel Smaller than beanstalks are tall Getting closer to God Cos I'm doing a very big job


Full details at DONHQ here: akirathedon.com?p=23017


released May 16, 2011

Produced by Stephen Hague and Akira The Don
Mixed by Stephen Hague
Mastered by Mike Marsh at The Exchange
Artwork by Andrew Bainbridge & Zef


all rights reserved



Akira The Don Dripping Springs, Texas

Artist, DJ, Wavelord. Bookings/beats/features: letitiasjones@gmail.com

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